Datscha Radio – Radio Gardening in Madrid

Friday, 23rd of March; 12-6pm
A temporary radio station broadcasts directly from the Madrid community garden "Esta es Una Plaza"!

Who is?
Datscha Radio is a mobile radio station with changing locations and a global garden research project by Gabi Schaffner. She has been invited for a residency at Medialab Prado and that is where she lives now until the 26th of March. 

Datscha Radio is based on an ethnographic and documentary approach that uses radio as a medium to gather and share knowledge on a communal yet sound art orientated basis.

Radio Gardening in Madrid will happen in collaboration with
Media Lab Prado,
and the community of Esta es Una Plaza.
Artists of the Datscha Team: Lauren Moya Ford, Alberto Garcia, Eva Kurly, Katarina Anna Martin, Gabi SchaffnerRadio Hortelana: Elena Arroyo, Carolina Carrubba
Medialab Prado & IN-SONORA: Jesús Jara, Maite ?
Esta es Una Plaza: Alberto Peralta, Luis Elorriaga, 

Where ?
Esta es Una Plaza. C. Docteur Fouquet 24, Madrid

How can I listen?
We will broadcast 

1. on stream in the internet on
(possibly also on the website of the Medialab Prado and Radio Hortelana, stay tuned for news)

2. via micro-FM in the garden of Esta es Una Plaza. Frequency is not yet decided, but will be published asap on the website of datscharadio.de

Datscha Radio gladly welcomes artists, gardeners, plant experts and musicians to contribute to our 6 hour program in the garden.
Bring your radio with you! Tune into Datscha Radio directly on-site and experience „Radio Gardening" as true as the word can be.

English, Spanish, all.

If you work with soundscapes, radio art, poetry or plant communicatons, don't hesitate to send a green file via wetransfer toopencall@datscharadio.de. Short desription and info and mp3 in 192 KB please.

Special request:
Datscha Radio is looking for a capella singers (preferably garden/flower/nature songs) and musicians with self-built instruments who want to share their talents on air!

Support Datscha Radio!
If you like this, please share the news in your networks and among friends and family. You may also bring some food to share.


About Gabi: I am a sound and radio artist with a background in poetics and ethnography. Central to my activities are communication, non-hierarchic perspectives and sharing. Datscha Radio started out in my Berlin garden where the garden house then served as a radio studio. Of course, I am a passionate gardener too 


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